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“Better prairie land management and bountiful wildlife start with the select seeds nurtured by Prairie Seed Farms."

Osenbaugh’s Prairie Seed Farms provides clean, high-quality seeds for a variety of uses. A few are listed below:

  • Farmers, ranchers and landowners participating in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP),
  • Wildlife food plots blended specifically for deer food plots, turkey food plots, pheasant food plots and quail food plots,
  • Bulk prairie grass seed and wildflower seed for natural habitat enthusiasts,
  • Farmers planting hay, pasture, and forage for livestock,
  • Lawn seed, turf grass seed, and premium prairie wildflower seed mixes for large and small landscaping projects.

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Prairie Seed Farms provides you with more than 127+ years of combined experience in growing, selecting, seeding, cultivating and processing of prairie seed. While we do business worldwide, we aim to make each customer’s experience a personal one and our famous customer satisfaction guarantee is your assurance of a positive and profitable planting experience.


“Bought seed from Osenbaugh's a couple times - very satisfied. I’m going to buy more this spring along with neighbors I recommended them to. I learned more about Native grass seeding in 15 minutes on the phone with John than I ever thought possible. They are great people and enthusiastically help you.” - S Sheetz, Keota, Iowa-

“I purchased seed for a hunting farm. I put in 25 acres of premium nesting cover and now 4 years later the hunting dogs can disappear in the cover and the hunters are very pleased with the way the birds hold and flush from this thick cover. We had a bad ice storm and the cover stood back up after a warm up. I am very happy with the stand I have.” -J Bensink, Pleasantville, Iowa-